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We have owned a house in Scarborough since 2002, and had been coming several times per year to this wonderful spot in the world. Over the last years we both slowly realized that our lives could be different, that we could make the choice to relocate and change our lives. The choice to have our small daughter Lulu grow up in nature, with bare-feet, in a real community seemed valuable. The choice to build a new life that could still embrace the things that are important and dear to us: music, literature, poetry but of course nature and friends as well. We made that choice in 2010 and it seemed the right thing to do.


In November 2010, after we got married, we packed up, left our life in the Netherlands behind and relocated to our beloved South Africa. 

To run a guesthouse, where hospitality would mean receiving people as if it were your own home seemed fascinating. To offer them a lovely private room, a great bed, a private bath and separate shower that would be one, but to share a glass of wine with them, cook a meal for them, to listen to music together, have a good conversation, share stories and views on life, well, that would be another.


We believe that a natural balance between privacy and spending time with ones hosts is essential for creating a feeling that one has really visited somewhere. We believe that travelling the world is as much about seeing new lands, as it is to meet new people. We hope we can add something special to the travels of our guest; we hope we will be touched by special people.


Hein has been traveling the world as one of Europe’s leading bassists. He performed and recorded with legends like Chet Baker and Toots Thielemans. But the list of musicians he associated with can easily be a who-of-who of jazz. Besides this performing career, Hein has taught extensively; headed the jazz department at the Rotterdam conservatory and has been writing educational books on the bass for several years now. Hein is currently teaching one day per week at the university of Cape Town.


Cyrille Carreon was born in the Philippines, but moved to the Netherlands at an early age. Her parents had traveled the world, being musicians/dancers them- selves, so it is not surprising Cyrille had a career on stage. She has recorded several albums under her own name. For ten years she was active in musical theater as a singer, dancer and actress. Running Zensa Lodge is like completing the circle, since Cyrille had studied at the renowned Hotelschool of The Hague.