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Scarborough is the most Southern hamlet (found in 1920) on the Atlantic coast.

- surrounded by nature reserves

- bordering on Cape Point National Park

- 25 kilometers to the tip of Cape Point

- 35 kilometers from Cape Town

- very secure

- pristine white beach on the south side

- rocky coastal area on the north side



The level of natural diversity found in the area has global importance both from a scientific and scenic point of view. It is the basis for the long-standing proclamation of the area as a Protected Natural Environment, the current process of the area becoming a National Park and the imminent application for World Heritage Status. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty and biological importance.



Scarborough’s temperate Mediterranean climate is characterized by hot summers with prevailing winds from the south-east (gale force at times) and cooler winters with prevailing winds from the north-west (sometimes bringing rain and occasional rain-storms). The pattern of sun varies from long days in the summer with the sun setting horizontally south-west over the sea in mid-summer creating strong glare and heat, and shorter days in winter with the sun rising late due to the mountains to the east








* Zensa Lodge is around the small bright green patch of grass in the middle of the village - two


and traveling low in the sky before setting to the north-west.



Camel Rock: This is Scarborough's defining landmark, situated on the Main road of the village.


Redhill Fynbos Private Nature Reserve: The Redhill area behind Scarborough is predominantly privately owned land and access is restricted to permit holders. The following permits can be obtained from Mickey's Mousetrap:  worn and cairns have been erected.


Cape of Good Hope  (Cape Peninsula National Park): The park offers dramatic scenery, spectacular fynbos and interesting historical landmarks. Game is plentiful and includes Bontebok, Eland, Red Hartebees, Ostrich, Klipspringer, Grey Duiker, Vaal Rhebok, Grysbok and Mountain Zebra.


Boulders Penguin Colony: Boulders penguin colony, situated just south of Simon's Town, is home to a growing colony of the vulnerable African Penguin. Visitors to the colony easily view these fascinating animals.


Imhoff's Gift: Situated on Kommetjie Road this centre includes a farm stall, snake park, camel rides, tea garden, wine shop, restaurants and various craft shops.








blocks from the beach and a stones throw from the National Park of Cape of Good Hope.


On a spacious 4000 square meter garden we feature 4 houses. Two guesthouses, a central bungalow and our private house. Dirt roads with no streetlight are the norm is Scarborough. The ocean is just a stone’s throw away, and the mountains create a beautiful backdrop. Day trips are easy to organize, and what a joy to come back late afternoon to the sleepy village of Scarborough for a refreshing drink, a lovely meal and the sound of the rolling waves soothing your dreams.