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Zensa Lodge is a vibrant place, a place with a soul, a place that embraces the good things in life. We value a high quality of living where good taste and sustainability go hand in hand. Acoustic music, resonant in an intimate setting; our own organic vegetable garden, our own chickens; sparkling water in our pools and a deeply relaxing spa area; activities like yoga and meditation. All the elements make our lives rich and harmonious. This is what we like to share with our visitors.


To enjoy the beauty and nature around us, to meet some of the fascinating people that live in this special place in the world, this is what we want to offer our guests.


Music is essential at Zensa Lodge. We try to organize regular intimate concerts; but also listening evenings, peotry gatherings and we are very excited about the initiative of Roddy Bray to have regular presentations at the lodge by renowned great guides. It's about sharing passion, about being together with people that want to be touched by the real things.


Food is crucial at Zensa Lodge. Stuff from our garden, organic food, real food. We started our own organic vegetable garden, we have 8 dedicated chickens gracefully giving us their eggs, the worm farm is supplying us with extraordinary fertilizer, our two potbellied pigs take care of the potatoe peelings, the apple cores. And we are constantly on the lookout for interesting suppliers of meat and fish. Meats that come from a real place, from a place with a sustainanable philosophy.


Physical well being. Pampering yourself, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pools. This is what we would like to offer our guests. Water is the most powerful element for human beings. To submerge yourself, to surrender to the feeling of comfort that a sauna, a jacuzzi can bring is deeply satisfying. To have a swim in one of the pools, be it luxurious and warm, or vigorous and refreshing .... one comes out full of new energy.


The spiritual side of things, taking care of the mind as well as the body; resonating within. At Zensa Lodge we try to accomodate the various disciplines that deal with this approach to life. Our regular yoga classes, our daily Tai Chi starts of the day, our meditation teacher .... it all adds to the atmosphere of tranquility and finding the inner peace.


A team of specialist will take you anywhere in the Cape peninsula. Be it diving with sharks, abseiling from Table Mountain, hiking in the Reserve; we are passionate about our little, yet unique corner of the world. Enjoying that in an exciting and adventurous way is a thrilling way to discover the powerful beauty of the cape.